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What is your website worth?

One of the challenges of creating websites is how much to charge. And for clients, how much should they pay.

The range for website design is all over the place with some designers charging $150 and others charging many thousands. Of course, much of the pricing depends on what type of business it is, what the scope of the business is, and how complicated the site will be.

Is it a custom site or template-based? Does code need to be implemented? Is it an eCommerce site? Is the client providing content or does it need to be written? Not all websites are created equally!

These are all questions that need to be asked when determining the cost of a website.

When clients hear how much it is, they are often taken aback. Most businesses are spending money on traditional advertising such as print ads which can be very expensive, often costing thousands of dollars a year for

local advertisers.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself so you can see the value of your site.

· What are you selling and what is your average transaction?

· Will the website help increase sales?

· How much is your advertising budget?

· Can the website bring more added value to the business than other advertising expenditures

· If you use print advertising, how much are you spending?

When you can answer some of these basic questions, justifying the cost of a website is much easier. And you will see the value of your web designer.

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