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5 Secrets To Magnetic Business Headshots

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Does Your Headshot Evoke Trust?

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, realtor, job

interviewee or social marketer developing positive personal

relationships is how to progress in your endeavors. Trust is the

cornerstone of that development.

Prospects are investing money and or time and need to trust that you

will deliver something they consider valuable. In online marketing,

one of the largest factors of building that personal relationship is to

have an image of yourself on your website and social media

accounts that instill trust in the viewer.

A headshot that has Confidence, Warmth, and an Authentic view

into your personality builds that trust. People need a sense that they

know who they are dealing with and that you have nothing to hide.

When this is accomplished you have taken the first step in building

a trusting relationship. If you don't achieve this then you are

probably losing the opportunity to serve someone along with leaving

money on the table.

Does Your Headshot Represent You Properly?

When it comes to online presence, your headshot is the front gate to

you and or your business. Are prospects going to open the gate or

walk past it?

I invite you to take a real hard look at the headshot that you are

using online and be very honest with yourself. Then ask a trusted

friend who is willing to be straight with you about how they see it.

Does it speak of who you truly are? Does it accurately represent the

caliber of your business and how you want it to be perceived?

What Is A Magnetic Headshot Anyway?

How do you distinguish a great headshot from other headshots? I

have seen a lot of headshots where the subject was asked to smile.

That lends itself to a fake or staged look that doesn't come off as


The key is if there is any reservation in the eyes or tension in the

mouth whatsoever, even the smallest amount, the image will be

lacking. When viewing a prospective headshot photographer's work,

look for this.

You also want to get a sense that you are getting an intimate view of

the subject that leaves you with the feeling that you would like to

meet this person. For some subjects, this might be a huge beaming

toothy smile, while in others, it may be more subdued, but that

intimate element should still be there.

You Aren’t Photogenic?

Many people think they aren't photogenic and that there is no point

in worrying about a great headshot. I would like them to consider

what photogenic actually is.

I say photogenic is the ability to be who you truly are in front of the

camera. I think we have all seen photos of people that wouldn't be

considered extremely attractive and yet they captivate us. Why?

They are being authentic in front of the camera.

Now you might say that's great but I am horrible in front of the

camera. 99% of the people that I have worked with are

uncomfortable and become somebody else in front of the camera,

this is natural.

It is the photographer's job to get you back to who you truly are

during the session. And sometimes this journey leads to a bonus,

some level of self-discovery, a positive change in your view of


Not all photographers can do this hence not all photographers are

good at headshots. Here again, check out the photographer's work

and see if there is evidence of this.

Is A Good Headshot Worth Paying More?

Some people are resistant to spending the money but is it worth

saving a couple of bucks for a mediocre headshot? In the short term,

it might be, but in the long run, it will end up costing you.

It will cost you in lost business or opportunities and down the road,

should you come to realize that you need a better headshot, it will

cost you again to update it. Your headshot is an investment in

yourself and your business, just like having a website, business

cards, etc.

Now Go Get That Magnetic Headshot!

Now that you know more about headshots, you can pick a headshot

photographer more effectively. Good luck in your search!



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